Which theory would a seventeenth-century European king most likely support

Which theory would a seventeenth-century European king most likely support ?
divine right theory
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A17thcenturyEuropeankingwouldmostlikelysupportthe divinerighttheory. Share to: Belief in the DominoTheorywouldmostlikelylead a person tosupport?
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Whichtheorywouldaseventeenth-centuryEuropeankingmostlikelysupport? divine righttheory. According to the forcetheory, government developed from which of the following?
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Divine righttheory. It dictates that akingis subject to no earthly authority, deriving his right to rule directly from the will of God….These are the countries currently available for verification, withmoreto come!
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Whichtheorywoulda17th-centuryEuropeankingmostlikelysupport? The divine righttheory. Power recognized as legitimate is called _____ .
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seventeenthcenturyeurope. Topics:Europe, Republic, Netherlands Pages: 3 (978 words)…Absolutism, a politicaltheoryholding that all power should be vested in one ruler, was…Every aspect of the nineteenth century ismostlikelydirectly influenced by the…
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But, in other parts of theEuropeansociety, concepts like tolerance were being spread and gainedmanysupporters….Religious conflicts of various magnitudes infested sixteenth andseventeenthcenturyEurope.
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TheSeventeenthCenturystarted with France stable under Henry IV….Only thekingcould appoint people to it and normally only princes of the blood (themostsenior nobles), senior prelates and magnates were allowed to join.
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It’s not as ifseventeenthcenturyEuropeansweren’t aware of the rarity and age of what they were dealing with – on the contrary,manyof them thought that these remains were far older.
The Crisis of theSeventeenthCentury
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It has been called in tosupportthetheorythat En-glish Puritanism was a forward-looking ‘‘capitalist’’ ideology…The universality of revolution in theseventeenthcenturysuggests that theEuropeanmonarchies, which had been strong enough to absorb somany…
17thCenturyEnglish Mercantilism Essay –EuropeanHistory
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During the reign of James I and Charles I the theatre flourished gainingmostof itssupportfrom nobility….17thcenturyenglish writers Essays – The Pen Is Mightier Than TheKingThe17thcenturysaw aking’s head roll and an English Caesar sit the throne, in the…
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In theseventeenthcenturythe family was the basic unit of society….In southern and easternEuropemostof the unmarried people lived in convents or monasteries….Atheoryof innocence of the child emerged.
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27 Why was theseventeenth-centuryChesapeake politically unstable? a. The…Mostlikelythe first Americans were A) Vikings from Scandinavia B) Spanish explorers of the…14. The economictheoryof mercantilism would be consistent with which of the following…
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1612: The first flintlock musketlikelycreated for Louis XIII of France by gunsmith Marin Bourgeois….The Slavonic and EastEuropeanReview (1948): 157–171. in JSTOR. Ogg, David.Europein theSeventeenthCentury(6th ed.
Sexuality in theSeventeenthCentury
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Europeansin the17thcenturydo not appear to have been seriously inhibited by the…It was a major bastion of “patriarchal”theorieswhich held that these subversive…Mostof the theoretical foundations of17thcenturypractice in regard to this process had been…
Witchcraft and Magic in Sixteenth- andSeventeenth-Century…
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It islikely, too, that some of these consultants genuinely believed they had the power to do either good or ill by occult means. But formanyeducated people of the sixteenth andseventeenthcenturies…
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