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which of the following mycoses is not correctly matched with its location

which of the following mycoses is not correctly matched with its location ?
piedra: superficial mycoses
dermatophytoses: superficial mycoses
sporotrichosis: wound mycosis
phaeohyphomycosis: wound mycosis
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-dermatophytoses: superficial mycoses
*Dermatophytoses are a type of cutaneous mycosis.
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WhichofthefollowingmycosesisNOTcorrectlymatchedwithitslocation? piedra: superficialmycosesdermatophytoses: superficialmycosessporotrichosis: woundmycosisphaeohyphomycosis: woundmycosis.
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A. gray matter: myelinated axons B. gray matter:locationof bra……B. gray matter:locationof brain nuclei.
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I think thecorrectanswer from the choices listed above is the third option. Genesarenotlocatedin a nucleotide. Rather, genes are segments of DNA which can be found within the nuclei of cells.
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