Which of the following is an example of a physical political international boundary

Which of the following is an example of a physical political international boundary ?

(A)     railroad

(B)      river

(C)      canal

(D)     meridian

(E)      rainforest

answer : (B)      river

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Whichofthefollowingisanexampleofaphysical-politicalinternationalboundary…to a country’s underdevelopedphysicalregions e) a wall built around the capital city of…Whichofthefollowingboundarydisputes center on the delimitation and possibly the…
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it is china and mongolia russia and spain japan and france australia to california now that is someexamplesofapoliticaland a naturalboundary….Itisariver so it wouldaphysicalboundary. Share to: Whatisanexampleofarelicboundaryin Europe?
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Many times,politicalboundariesbetween countries or states form alongphysicalboundaries. Forexample, theboundarybetween France and Spainfollowsthe peaksofthePyrenees mountains, while the Alps separate France from Italy.
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Sometimes,politicalboundariesfollowphysicalboundaries, but mostofthetime you can’t see them….Forexample, theboundarybetween France and Spainfollowsthe peaksofthePyrenees mountains, while the Alps separate France from Italy.
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LanguageBoundaries. Which oneofthefollowingisthe bestexampleofanation-state?…Agree or disagree:Physicalfeatures make for the most logical and long-lasting type ofpoliticalboundary. (i.e. mountain ranges, rivers, lakes).
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Unit IVPoliticalOrganization of States. 3. 11.Whichofthefollowingisanexampleofanation seeking its own territory?…D) State separated byaphysicalboundaryor body of water. E) Sizeofthestate is very small compared to other states.
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4.WhichofthefollowingisNOT mentioned asanexampleofanorganic material?…All forms of art were undergoing a revolution. The theories of psychology were being used to extend theboundariesof poetry, music, and painting.
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29. Theboundarybetween the United States and Canada westoftheGreat Lakesisanexampleofa(n)a)physical-politicalboundary. b)…The League of Nations was created in 1919 as the firstinternationalorganization that would include all nationsoftheworld.
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Have them explain what causesinternationalboundariesto change if thephysicalshapeoftheland does not change….thefollowingexamplesofspatial divisions at the national andinternationallevels: • Countries • Economic andpoliticalalliances
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maintain thatphysicallocationofanation offers favorable domestic environments to….noted the geographic determinantsofthedistribution of manufacturing!forexample…They assumeinternationalborders, as well as intrastate borders, aspoliticaland culturalboundariespermeable in the everyday lives of border people (Wilson…Thefollowingisalistofthevariables used, their corresponding meaning, and how they were coded
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The border isphysicalas itfollowsthe Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River to the northern tip of New York, and then becomes a geometricboundaryagain….Whichofthefollowingisanexampleofadevolved government since 1990?
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25. Culturalboundariesinclude all butwhichofthefollowing?…40. Argentina and Chile are separated by one type ofphysicalboundary, a desert. A) True B) False.
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Boundarybetween the US and CanadaPhysical-politicalboundaries–followan agreed- upon feature in thephysicalgeographic landscape. –eg….Bell Work: January 12 th, 2011 *World Order Define—Core, Periphery, and Semi- Periphery Giveanexample.
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8. Definephysicalboundary:Boundarythat coincides with significant featuresofthenatural landscape….Giveanexampleofeach type of culturalboundaryand describe….Process of redrawing legislativeboundariesfor the purpose of benefitting thepolitical…
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This is calledphysical-politicalboundaries….Anexampleofthis could be rising and falling water levelsofariverboundarycould cause problems….These 2 men influencedinternationalrelations. [[image:aphug/heart_rim.png|http…

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