Which of the following boundary disputes center on the delimitation and possibly the demarcation of a border

Which of the following boundary disputes center on the delimitation and possibly the demarcation of a border ?

a) definitional
b) locational
c) operational
d) allocational
e) demoralizing

answer : b) locational

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Whichofthefollowingboundarydisputesinvolve neighbors who differ over the way theirboundaryshould function? a) definitional b)…Whichofthefollowingboundarydisputescenteronthedelimitationandpossiblythedemarcationofaborder? a)…
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Boundarydelimitationanddemarcation. 32Followers. Papers….This paper will discuss the political and legal aspectsofthemaritimedisputesin the Eastern Mediterranean and the…Thedelimitationofthespanish-frenchborder(1659-1868).
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Boundarydelimitation(or simplydelimitation) is the drawing ofboundaries, particularly of electoral precincts, states, counties or other municipalities. In the context of elections, it can be called redistribution and is used to prevent unbalance …
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BoundaryDelimitationis when two parties or governments agree on a commonboundaryin principal.BoundaryDemarcationis when the agreed uponboundaryis physically established by means of surveying and marking by use of stones, pillars, roads…
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Locationalboundarydisputescenteronthedelimitationandpossiblythedemarcationoftheboundary….b. Physical-politicalboundary? 2.Whichofthetwo types ofbordersseems best for dividing a country into two spheres of influence?
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At thecentreof all the Africanborderwars, con-flicts, and tensions have been the poorly-defined and undemarcatedbordersas…The overall goal of clear internationalboundarydefinition (including bothdelimitationanddemarcation) is to preventdisputesbetween…
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onthedelimitationandpossiblythedemarcationoftheboundaryOperationalBoundaryDisputes: involves neighbors who differ over the way theirbordershould functionBoundary…
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Conflict over the legal languageoftheborderagreement in a treaty orboundarycontract. LocationalBoundaryDispute(Centeronthedelimitationandpossiblythedemarcationoftheboundary)…
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Locationalboundarydisputesfocusonthedelimitationandpossiblydemarcationoftheboundary(the map was drawn wrong). Operationalboundarydisputesfocus on neighbors who differ over the way theirbordershould function.
The Nature of InternalBoundaryDisputes: A Case Study of…
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When the newlydemarcatedboundariescame into effect after the 1994 elections, several objections anddisputeswere lodged with the CommissionontheDemarcation/Delimitationof Regions (Ramutsindela, 1999: 481).
The maritimeboundaries
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Lebanon and Syria did not completethedemarcationoftheir land and their maritimeborders….International oil and gas companies can provide information and data to supportthedelimitationofaboundaryand/or resolving adispute.
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13.Whichofthefollowingis a characteristic of compact states? A) Circular with the capital located in thecenterofthestate….67. This type ofboundarydisputefocusesonthedelimitation,demarcationor interpretationofanagreement between countries.
Decision regardingdelimitationoftheborder
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Borderdelimitation—delimitationofthecentralsectorborderbasedonthe1900…On 14 September 1999,followingfurther considerationofthedisputewithin the OAU and…As adelimitationwhich could form the basis for ademarcationoftheboundaryonthe…
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The Eritrea-EthiopiaBoundaryCommission (EEBC) delivered its decisiononthedelimitationoftheborderbetween Eritrea…Thefollowingsection highlights the EEBC’s work todemarcatetheboundary. Part 3 will deal with the VirtualDemarcationofthe…
Resources andborderdisputesin Eastern Africa
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disputesin Eastern Africa are the improperlydelimitedandpoorlydemarcated….but when it came tothedemarcationanddelimitationoftheboundaryon land, the….theborderpersisted until 1924. Theboundarywas supposed tofollowthe course of.

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