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what kind of air moves downslope into a valley after sunset in mountainous areas

what kind of air moves downslope into a valley after sunset in mountainous areas ?
answer : Cool or cold
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Answers.com® WikiAnswers® Categories Science Geography LandformsMountainsWhatkindofairmovesdownslopeintoa…What is thekindofvalleywhere platesmoveapart? This is known as a riftvalley. it forms at a divergent boundary. Share to
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mountainbreeze. examples of local winds;aftersunsetinmountainousareas, coldairmovesdownslopeintothevalley.
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During the life cycle of a middle-latitude cyclone, the process of _ occurs when a cold front overtakes a warm front and the warmairis forced upward. occlusion.
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Aftersunsetinmountainousareas, ….airmovesdownslopeintothevalley. On a degree scale for a wind vane, …. degrees indicates east. The opposite of El Nino is.
What isaValleyLandform: Formation and… | Earth Eclipse
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Thekindofvalleycreated depends on numerous factors, for instance, the erosion medium, the slope of the land, the nature of rocks and soils found in theareaand the time thevalleytakes to form.
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Strong up and down drafts and eddies develop as theairflows up over hills and downintovalleys….Inmountainousareas, local distortion of the airflow is even more severe….Friction between themovingairmass and surface features of the earth (hills,mountains…
Mountain-Valleywinds (or
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• Consider the case of an idealizedvalleythat is cutintoaplateau…Temperature until the next picture –valleycontinues to cool rapidly.Airflow at night.Mountainwind is present along withdownslopewinds.
Recycling the Earth’s Crust |VALLEYGLACIERS
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…the materialmovedownslopein order to reestablish a stable slope angle (angle of…hangingvalleys, u-shapedvalleys, and truncated spurs, are still visible longafter…such as the fjords of Norway (long troughlike bays that cut deepintoamountainouscoast).
Mountainbreeze andvalleybreeze – Wikipedia
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Campersinmountainousareasmay feel a warm afternoon quickly changeintoacold night soonafterthesunsets….This coolairmovesdown the slopesintothevalley, producing amountainbreeze.
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Mountainaircools rapidly at night and “falls”downslope, causing amountainbreeze….MountainBreeze: During night times,mountainslopes gets cooled quickly and the denseairdescendsintothevalleyasmountainbreeze.
mountainflying problems | Figure 2 –ValleyBreeze
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The largeairmasses are high pressureareas….This more denseairmovesdownslopeintothevalleycausing themountainbreeze (gravity or drainage wind).
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Until American historian Hiram Bingham publicized his findings of theareain a book called “Across South America,” themountain-top ruins were widely unknown to anyone living outside of the UrubambaValley.
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Бесплатный сервис Google позволяет мгновенно переводить слова, фразы и веб-страницы с английского на более чем 100 языков и обратно.
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For example,inmountainousregions winds will switch from blowing up- anddownslopedepending on the time of day. This has to do with differential heating, pressure andair-parcel weights: At night, heavy coldairrolls downintothevalleybottoms…
What aremountainbreezes andvalleybreezes, and… | eNotes
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Airfrom the lowervalleysmovesin to replace it, creating an upslope breeze that becomes strongest around noon….This cold, denseairforms a local high-pressurearea. The pressure gradient drives a gentle breeze down the slopeintothevalleythat is strongest…
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movesover a cold surface and theaircools to below its dew point. Aerovane A … When these conditions …
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