What is the name for the form of government where power is held by a small group of people, who then control the entire government

What is the name for the form of government where power is held by a small group of people, who then control the entire government ?
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An oligarchy is agovernmentcontrolledbyasmallgroupofpeoplewhoreceive theirpowerfrom wealth social position or military strength? True.
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Whatisthenamefortheformofgovernmentwherepowerisheldbyasmallgroupofpeople,whothencontroltheentiregovernment? oligarchy.
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Aformofgovernmentin whichpowersaredivided between a centralgovernmentand several localgovernments….Whatisthenamefortheformofgovernmentwherepowerisheldbyasmallgroupofpeople,whothencontroltheentiregovernment?
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In democracies, large proportions of the population may vote, either to make decisions or to choose representatives to make decisions.Read more
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…governmentwherepowerisheldbyasmallgroupofpeoplewhothencontroltheentiregovernment?…Oooooo, would like claim 10xentireto win !!the 1,000,000,.00….Whatisagovernmentcontractor? How does the Federal Reserve discount rate affect…
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Ever wondered what all those -ocracies and -archies were? Seek no further than RationalWiki’s list offormsofgovernment. It should be noted that not all of these are mutually exclusive.
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In oligarchies, politicalpowerisheldbyasmallgroupofpeoplewhoshare the same interests. Democracies aregovernmentswherethepeopleas a wholeholdthepower. It may be exercised by them (direct democracy)…
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There are manyformsofgovernment, and the differentformsare often intermingled….It isgovernmentbyasmallgroupofthe wealthiest citizens….njoroge kimani: Trumpocracy is aformofplutocracywherea few powerfulpeoplecontroleverything.
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Agovernmentisthesystem orgroupofpeoplegoverning an organized community, often a state. Agovernmentis like a clan with the purpose to govern the whole family or…Read more
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Oligarchy – agovernmentin whichcontrolis exercisedbyasmallgroupofindividualswhoseauthority generally is based on wealth orpower.
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There would be nogroupofrulers or lying scumbag politicianswhocould command arbitrary physical force againstpeopleacting peacefully….Whatarethethreeformsofgovernment? Whichformofgovernmentis more popular?
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An oligarchy is aformofgovernmentwhereasmallgrouphas thepower. Historically, oligarchies have consisted of those with significant wealth or militarypower. The rights of citizens are determined solely by those in thesmallgroup.
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Thegovernmentof a countryisthegroupofpeopleresponsible for ruling it. Aftergovernmentyou can use either a singular or pluralformofa verb….office,power- (of agovernmentorgovernmentofficial)holdingan office means being inpower; “beingin…
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It is a typeofgovernmentwherepowerisheldbyasmallnumberofpeople….They might be distinguished by royalty, wealth, education, corporate, religious, or militarycontrol.
Parliamentary or Presidential – Whichformofgovernmentis…
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The parliamentaryformofgovernmentis democratic in nature. The head of the state and the head of thegovernmentareheldbydifferentpeople….Theentiregovernmenthas to take the responsibility if something goes wrong in the system.
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