What is the name for a government that exerts complete power over the population, even controlling their thoughts and most intimate private lives

What is the name for a government that exerts complete power over the population, even controlling their thoughts and most intimate private lives ?
Totalitarian government
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…thatexertscompletepoweroverthepopulationevencontrollingtheirthoughtsandmostintimateprivatelives?…Whatisanameforaruler who hascompletecontroloverthegovernmentand people? There are variousnamesforaruler who exercises…
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Nothing to ask? Click hereforarandom, un-answered question….even_controlling_their_thoughts_and_most_intimate_private_lives?oldid=6422203″.
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Overpopulation: Causes, Effects and Solutions – Conserve…
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HydroPower. Nuclear. Ecosystem….For thousands of years, a very small part ofthepopulationhad enough money tolivein comfort….Gettingtheirchildren married at an early age increase the chances of producingmorekids.
Why isn’t Indiangovernmentdoing anything tocontrol…
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They maketheirlifesuffer by havingmorebabies and then leave poor future fortheirown child and the next generations….Originally Answered: WhyistheIndiangovernmentnot thinking aboutcontrollingthepopulationgrowth?
Totalitarianism – Dictionary definition of Totalitarianism
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In fact, asthenameimplies, totalitariangovernmentstry tocontrolthe totality of human experience….This reality made it easier for rulers toexerttightercontrolovertheirsubjects.
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Manypeople in Englandthoughtthat this was ridiculous….Theyexertedan influence, without actually governing there,overonly the Southern part of Scotland….Thepowerof the greatest nobles, who hadtheirownprivateaxmies, meant. that constant challenges…
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She was wearing a blackeveninggown and a diamond tiara. Sarah and John were surprised andthoughtMs Harris ( MAKE ) a mistake….A gap year, as it’s known, canbetheMOSTMEMORABLE time in a voung person’slife.
Who Rules America: The Class-Domination Theory ofPower
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Domination by the few does not meancompletecontrol, but rather the…The argument beginsoverwhether the large corporations are united enough toexerta common…Powerelite domination of the federalgovernmentcan be seenmostdirectly in the workings of…
Thomas Malthus: Essay on the Principle ofPopulation(1798)
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from a fear of loweringtheircondition inlife. Consequently in no state that we have yet known has thepowerofpopulationbeen left toexertitself with perfect freedom.
6.1. political systems andgovernment
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On hearing the word politics what usually comes to mind are images ofgovernment, politicians andtheirpolicies ormore…It seems to follow that for certain individuals toexertmorepowerthan others they must have the support of a large proportionover…
What ISIS Really Wants – The Atlantic |MostPopular
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But the religion preached by itsmostardent followers derives from coherent andevenlearned interpretations of Islam….The Islamic State’s ideologyexertspowerful swayovera certain subset ofthepopulation.Life’s hypocrisies and inconsistencies vanish in its…
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 9.Mostpeoplelivea part oftheirlivesbetween the passive future and the future…Privatesector companies running similar final salary have to maintain funds at certain…When Labour topower, the number of young peoplelivingin poverty was falling. a) has…
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