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what does prominent csf space mean

P rominent Extraaxial CSF Space on Cranial Ultra s o u n d
Prominent EACSFS in infancy or early childhood may be a variation of normal development of the brain whereby there is a transient accumulation of CSF (10). With significant improvement in ultrasound resolution, an EACSFS is much more commonly found in infants both with or without a large head
Enlargement of brain cerebrospinal fluid spaces as a predictor of poor clinical outcome in melancholia
The question now is what particular relevance the structural brain alteration described may have within the
CT Brain Anatomy - CSF spaces
The brain is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the sulci, fissures and basal cisterns. CSF is also found centrally within the ventricles
MRI brain showing CSF spaces and cerebral atrophy that
An EEG showed nonspecific generalised brain dysfunction and an MRI brain revealed diffuse cortical atrophy with prominent CSF spaces for the patient's
Enlargement of Brain Cerebrospinal Fluid Spaces as a Predictor of Poor Clinical Outcome in Melancholia
The question now is what particular relevance the structural brain alteration described may have within the clinical context of depressive patients
What does "Occasional prominent CSF space is noted" mean in a brain MRI report? (Impression states no evidence of tumor
The prominent spaces can refer to any of these locations, but I believe they are likely referring to the spaces around blood vessels or perhaps
Cognitive Impairment and Brain Imaging Characteristics of Patients with Congenital Cataracts, Facial Dysmorphism, Neuropathy Syndrome
Facial dysmorphism, characterised by a prominent midface, thickening of the perioral ... enlargement or widening of outer
Subarachnoid Space - an overview
The subarachnoid space is a CSF-filled compartment within which are the major cerebral blood vessels. The CSF within the subarachnoid space fills the basal
CT – brain study
Normal Brain old age. Symmetrical dilatation of the ventricular system with prominence of the extra axial CSF spaces. ‚ No mid line shift
prominent extra axial csf spaces in adults - Greenlight Insights
Mildly prominent extra-axial CSF spaces (means space out side the brain tissue) is expected finding in your age group

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