The per capita carbon footprint of a person living in India is more than double that of a person living in Sri Lanka because

The per capita carbon footprint of a person living in India is more than double that of a person living in Sri Lanka because ?
India has more vehicles, industries, and other sources of pollution
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Despitebeinglargelyrural,countriessuchasIndia,Pakistan,andBangladeshhavecitieswithover10millionpeoplebecause. Of the growing population in thesecountriesas well asruralto urban migration ofpeoplein search of jobs.
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Pakistanremains alargelyruralcountrywith 28 percent of the population living incities. KarachiisPakistan’slargestcitywitha population ofover10millionpeopleand growing rapidly.
IsBangladesha far more prosperouscountrythanPakistan?›Is-Bangladesh…far-more…country…PakistanMore from this site
IslamabadisacityinPakistanthat beats anythingsuchinBangladesh….PakistaniCourtsAreMore Powerful And Independent ThanBangladeshAndIndia….BetweenPakistanandBangladeshwhichcountryisIndiamore likely tobefriendly with?
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PakistanandBangladesharetwo separate and independentcountriesphysically divided byIndia….Thecountriesaretwo of the toptenmost populouscountriesin the world. Their populationsareyouthful and mainlyrural; agricultureisthe main economic activity…
Culture ofBangladesh- history,people, clothing, traditions…›A-Bo/Bangladesh.htmlCached page
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Thecountryformerlywasknown as EastPakistan. Location and Geography.Bangladeshstraddles the Bay of Bengal in south Asia….Close to10millionpeoplefledBangladeshfor West Bengal, inIndia.
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In China today, poverty refers mainly to theruralpoor, as decades of economic growthhaslargelyeradicated urban poverty. The dramatic progress in reducing povertyoverthe past three decades in Chinaiswell known.
In 2011, nearly 50 percent of the population›INTPROSPECTS/…More from this site
For instance, in low-incomecountriessuchasBangladesh, Ethiopia, Haiti,India, Nepal, and Niger—countrieswhere povertyisseen as primarily aruralphenomenon—4 of every10slum childrenaremalnourished…
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Despitepressing problemssuchassignificant overpopulation, environmental…Majorcities- population. DHAKA (capital) 17.598million; Chittagong 4.539million; Khulna…China (Aksai Chin),India(Jammu and Kashmir), andPakistan(Azad Kashmir and…
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Therewasalso substantial migration betweenBangladesh(then EastPakistan)andWestPakistanuntil the 1971 war. Before and during the war, an estimated 8 to10millionBengalis fled toIndia…
Global population set to hit 9.7 billionpeopleby 2050despite…›global…2015/jul/29…world…revision…Cached page
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However, that fallisbeingoffset bycountriesin which populationsarealreadylarge, or where high numbers of childrenareborn….Another 46% live in “intermediate fertility”countries–suchasIndia, Indonesia,Pakistan,Bangladesh, Mexico and the…
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Bangladesh, Indo-nesia andPakistanfollow, eachwithover100millionruralinhabitants. In Africa, thelargestruralpopulationsarelocated in Nigeria (95million) and Ethiopia (78million). Between 2014 and 2050…
IndiaandPakistanat 70: their years of independence in charts›content/cd011188-7eb2-11e7-ab01…Cached page
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But output per head inIndiaandPakistanisaround10per cent of US levels and inBangladesh— which at partitionwaspart ofPakistanbut gained its own…For all the spectacular growth of recent decades, thesearestill poorcountries.Peopleandcities.
BangladeshPoverty and wealth, Information about Poverty…›…Asia…Bangladesh-POVERTY…Cached page
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Despiteconsiderable international assistance,Bangladeshhasbeenunable to…Thereisa huge disparity between standards of living in urban andruralareas of thecountry. The urban areas, especially the capital Dhaka, and major industrialcitiessuchas…
Special Reports | 629 | 629 | After partition:India,Pakistan…›2/hi/in_depth/629/629/6922293.stmCached page
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Partition left10millionpeopleuprooted and more than half a million Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus dead in riots and massacres. Sixty years on, the status of Kashmir remains unresolveddespitea tenuous peace process betweenIndiaandPakistan…
Opinion | InRuralBangladesh, Solar Power Dents Poverty›2016/10/04/opinion…rural-bangladesh…More from this site
Log In. Sunday, June10, 2018….InruralBangladesh, especially the coastal southwest, itiscommon to see tiny solar panels embedded even in humble thatch-roofed…Since 2003, Idcolhasinstalled solar panels in 3.95millionoff-grid homes, reaching 18millionpeople.
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The 2017 edition, that will take place from May 5-7, isaboutto break new records. …Because Pakistan has…
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therearestill large numbers ofpeople,more thana billion, more … in extreme poverty lived inruralareas …
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Nine othercountries, includingPakistanand Iran,haveonecity… but slightly less dangerousPM10particles …
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Nonetheless,despitegovernment commitment, the progress of … Sri Lanka is a lower middle-incomecountry…
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The World Bank helpscountriesaddress the sanitation challenges: ending open …Despitesignificant gains …
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Steps stillneed to betaken to lift theBangladeshi peopleout of this struggle. … On average,about1.5 …
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Challenges and opportunities of urbanization inIndia… Local communities in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of …
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In developingcountrieslike Ethiopiarural-urban migration affects socio … Theyhadsome informationabout…
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… rise of ISIS insuchSouth AsiacountriesasIndiaandBangladesh. … Text;People; Graphical Timeline …
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Despitehalving extreme poverty,Indiais still home to nearly … Ending open defecation inIndia’svillages …
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India, the next largestcountry,hasaround 100millionfewerpeople, for a … China -India- USA …
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About97 percent ofBangladesh’s rural populationdepends onmillions of… Many millions moreare…
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Malaysia is among the more urbanizedcountriesof East Asia, and its urbanpopulationcontinues to increase …
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1.4.2 Social work: Workingneed,causeandpeopleoriented … by a description of the outward migration …
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It’s one of many gigantic failures thathaveprompted Nobel … that ensuremillions ofhealthylives, ask …
President’s Page; The Population Controllers and Their War on …
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China, in its effort to “control reproductionundera state plan,”has… To keep itsmillions of populationcontrol …
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Almost 200million peoplemoved to urban areas in East Asia from 2000-2010, …over 10million, 123 large …
Geopolitics of Fear and ‘Climate Change Migrations’: Implications …
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The chapter also explores howIndia-Bangladeshrelationshavebeen … to geopolitics of fear within and …

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