popularity first becomes a totally absorbing concern at what age

popularity first becomes a totally absorbing concern at what age ?

a) 3
b) around age 16
c) 5
d)around age 9 or 10


d)around age 9 or 10

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Popularityis a concept thatbecomesingrained when we’re still kids….”Totally: About 30% of those who are the mostpopular— how we think about it in high school — are also very well liked; it’s possible for [likability and status] to go together.
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2. Return of thepopularity. 3. Dangerous when rare. 4. Back and deep into the past….8. They come back in spring. A. The Mona Lisa, also known as La Giaconda,becameworld famous…G. IronAgeBritain can only be understood from the archaeological evidence.

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