In the 1840s, most black women in Philadelphia worked at what occupation

In the 1840s, most black women in Philadelphia worked at what occupation ?
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Inthe1840s,mostblackwomeninPhiladelphiaworkedatwhatoccupation?…44. In which of the following cities would one expect to find the largest proportion of freeblacksworkingin skilled trades in this era?
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Inthe1840s,mostblackwomeninPhiladelphiaworkedatwhatoccupation?…Mostof theblackswho emigrated from the United States under the auspices of the ACS traveled where? George Moses Horton.
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Immigrant andblackwomenoften accepted domesticwork…Additional Jobs forWomen.Mostgirls learned needlework as children and young adults….Dressmaking and millinery – hat making – were acceptableoccupationsfor middle- and lower-middle-classwomen.
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Life was difficult for Sarah, a freeblackwomanworkingas the single servant in a middle-class family in1840sBaltimore….She says she feels a special kinship with Sarah who would have spentmostof her long, busy daysinthebasement kitchen.
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MostVisited AttractionsinPhiladelphia. Article. Visit Philly Overnight Hotel Package….Check out Justin Duerr’s colorfulworksatthePhiladelphiaMagic Gardens this fall….In Gardens of the Mind, fiveblackwomenartists in varying stages of their careers (Barbara…
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SlavesinPhiladelphiamight have hoped that an American victory would lead to yetmoremanumissions, or…On the other hand,blackmen andwomeninPhiladelphiaquickly learned of Lord Dunmore’s…“Social LifeinPhiladelphiaduring the BritishOccupation.”
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Working-classwomenhad little means of communicating, and no means of recording…There were strikes in various citiesinthe1840s,moremilitant than those early New…At one of these, in 1851, an agedblackwoman, who had been born a slave in New York…
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With somanymen servinginthemilitary, there had been a labor shortage; businesses and industries hiredwomenandworkersfrom outside the city….Nash, Gary. Forging Freedom: The Formation ofPhiladelphia’sBlackCommunity, 1720–1840 (1988).
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The FortenWomenofPhiladelphia….In addition to managing her brother’s home, Rebeccaworkedas a seamstress, one of themostcommonoccupationsforblackwomenduring that period, even after getting married.
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To serve this growing market for cheap clothing,manywomenworkedathome sewing ready-made clothing (also called “slop” and “slop-work”) for very low piece-rates. Thewomenwho sewed slop could be young…
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The society ceased to operate during the Revolution and the BritishoccupationofPhiladelphia….In fact withmostimmigrants settlingintheNorth, there was actually very little competition forworkbetween poor immigrants and the North’s relatively small…
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But the Horn & Hardart food-service Automat opened in June 1902inPhiladelphia….Despite the entry ofwomeninto selected white-collaroccupations, a large number ofwomenworkedin factories.
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Whiteworkersscornedblack. Protestants of both races viewed Irish Catholic immigrants with contempt.InPhiladelphiainthe1840s, where private fire-fighting companies…Their style ofworkinmanycases differed little from what it had beenintheeighteenth century.
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BlackHistory andWomenTimeline 1800-1859. Search the site….• (and 1839)PhiladelphiaAnti-Slavery Convention of AmericanWomenmetinPhiladelphia….• (July) Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery, returning repeatedly to freemorethan 300 slaves.
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“Mostof the leadingblackinstitutions of that day wereintheSeventh Ward….When McGriff returned toPhiladelphiain 1998, heworkedfor a while as a teacher….Forblackwomen, sales and officeoccupationstook majority with 43,524 in such positions.
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