expansionary spending takes place when a government makes the decision to ?

a)put a freeze on the number of its employees.
b)raise taxes to balance its budget.
c)raise taxes to run a budget surplus.
d)raise spending to stimulate the economy

answer : d)raise spending to stimulate the economy

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Expansionaryfiscal policy iswhenthegovernmentuses its budgeting tools to add capital to the economy. These tools are either increasedspendingor tax cuts. They provide consumers and businesses with more money tospend.
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Expansionaryspendingtakesplacewhenagovernmentmakesthedecisionto. raisespendingto stimulate economy. Property taxes are usually determined based on.
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Expansionaryspendingtakesplacewhenagovernmentmakesthedecisionto….An exchange rate tablemakesit easy to compare the. C. What part does interest play in deficitspending?
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question and answer question and answer.expansionaryspendingtakesplacewhenagovernmentmakesthedecisionto….Keynesian theory suggests that increase ingovernmentspendingstimulate aggregate demand and increases output.
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Which of these effects ofexpansionaryspendingwouldagovernmentmost want to avoid? higher employ….WhenJudge Sandersmakeshis ruling, he is expected to base hisdecisionon the timing of elections.
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Fiscalexpansionoccurs whenever thegovernmentdecidestoeitherspendmore or lower taxes; fiscal contraction, by contrast,takesplacewhentheygovernmentspendsless or raises taxes. Fiscalexpansionarypolicy is usually associated withgovernment…
expansionarycapital expenditure
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expansionarycapital expenditure – anexpansionarygap is closed in the long run by a n -expansionaryspendingtakesplacewhenagovernmentmakesthedecisionto
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…depression inspendingand economic activity thattakesplaceduring a recession….An example ofgovernmentspendingasexpansionaryfiscal policy is the American…DeficitSpending.Whenagovernment’s expenditures exceed its revenues, causing …
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Whensetting fiscal policy, thegovernmentcantakean active role in changing itsspendingor the level of taxation….Ifgovernmentspendingexceeds tax revenues,expansionarypolicy will lead to a budget deficit.
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E.g., adecisiontoincreasegovernmentspendingmaytakea long time to affect…Expansionaryfiscal policy will require highergovernmentborrowing – this may not be…Also, lower interest rates will reduce exchange rate andmakeexports more competitive.
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Whenaneconomy is in a recession,expansionaryfiscal policy is in order. Typically this type of fiscal policy results in increasedgovernmentspendingand/or lower taxes….It maytaketime to even recognize whether or not there is a recession.
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To counter a recession, the Fed usesexpansionarypolicy to increase the money supply and reduce interest rates….Whenthegovernmenttakesin more money in a given year (through taxes) than itspends, the result is a surplus.
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Inflation distortsdecision-making, hurting creditors who are repaid in devalued dollars andmakesit difficult for business owners to plan for the…Whenthe federalgovernmentpursues anexpansionaryfiscal policy it historically does so with deficitspending.
Governmenteconomic policy | finance | Britannica.com
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Oncedecisionshave beenmadeon how the limited national budget should be divided…Overall fiscal policy involves thegovernmentindecidingwhether it shouldspendmore than…In time of boom thegovernmentoften followed anexpansionarycourse;whena…

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