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border patrol height and weight requirements

Did You Know... B.Y.O.H.? Early Border Patrol Agents Met with Stringent Requirements?
He called for new applicants to be "at least 23 and not more than 30 years old; at least 5'8" in height and at least 147 pounds, with good visual ability without glasses and normal visual fields and color vision. He also considered the high degree of activity and physical hardship that was required
Border Patrol Agent Physical Fitness Test 1 - CBP
You must successfully complete each component in order to pass the Border Patrol Agent PFT-1. Border Patrol Agent PFT-1 Requirements. Test ... 14" Step Test: 120 steps/min Sit-Ups: 25 Push-Ups: 20 Test: Repetitions
Us Border Patrol Height And Weight Requirements Education
Details: 5'10'' height, minimum weight 150 pounds, maximum weight 190 pounds. 5'11'' height, minimum weight 155 pounds, maximum weight 195
border patrol height and weight requirements
Proper form includes keeping your body straight and your feet close together. Agents-to-be were still restricted to a height of at least 5'8"
How Physically Fit must you Be for a Border Patrol Job?
It's not surprising that the Customs and Border Protection has strict physical fitness requirements for border patrol agent applicants
border patrol physical test 3
If muscles Border Patrol Fitness Test and Requirements. ... with a bunch of night cameras on us. border patrol height and weight requirements
Requirements - Be A Trooper
The Florida Highway Patrol is a leader in professional law enforcement career ... Height/Weight Standards: Applicant's weight must be within the established
border patrol height and weight requirements
relevancy of height and weight of the Border Patrol agent examination . ... What have you done with the height and weight requirements placed on
The Requirements for Border Patrol Jobs - Work
The U.S. Customs Border Patrol, or CBP, operates as part of the Office of Homeland Security. Its officers protect our borders to combat
Training Academy and Requirements for Border Patrol Agent Jobs | Requirements for Federal Law Enforcement Jobs
The boots-on-the-ground border patrol agents and customs officers of the CBP work to ensure customs, immigration, and agriculture laws and regulations

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