Besides the former boundary between north and south Vietnam, another example of a relict boundary may be

Besides the former boundary between north and south Vietnam, another example of a relict boundary may be ?

a) the United States during the Civil War
b) Ireland during the Troubles
c) South Africa during Apartheid
d) China during globalization
e) Israel’s West Bank

answer : a) the United States during the Civil War

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Practice AP Human Geography Political Geography questions›…practice…human-geography-political…Cached page
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Which of the followingisanexampleofacentripetal force designed to promote national unity? a) an interstate highway system constructed as a…BesidestheformerboundarybetweennorthandsouthVietnam,anotherexampleofarelictboundarymaybe: a)…
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ARelictboundaryisone suchboundarythatisno longer in use today. The firstexamplethat ever comes to mind, wouldbethe Great Wall of China….The borderbetweentheNorthandSouthVietnamisa fineexample.
Anexampleofarelictboundaryistheboundarybetween…›Q…example…relict_boundary…North…South…Cached page
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WhereistheboundarybetweenNorthandSouthAmerica?…Relictboundaryisaboundarythat has ceased to function, but its imprint can stillbedetected on the cultural landscape AnexamplewouldbeEast and West Berlin.
Nature of PoliticalBoundaries›…PolBoundaries.htmCached page
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Cultural PoliticalBoundary- politicalboundarythat separates different cultures, i.e.,formerYugoslavia….RelictBoundary-boundarythat ceases to exist, however the imprint of theboundarystill remains on the cultural landscape, i.e.,North/SouthVietnam.
CHAPTER 12›wbrew/CGEONOTES/CHAPTER12.htmCached page
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Arelictboundaryisaformerboundaryline that once had meaning but no longer functions as such, usually marked by landscape features (forts, castles). The abandoned castles dotting the frontier zonebetweenWales and Englandisarelictboundary.
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Бесплатный сервис Google позволяет мгновенно переводить слова, фразы и веб-страницы с английского на более чем 100 языков и обратно.
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…subsequent, superimposed/discordant andrelictboundaries(Fellmann et al 1999…Ancel (in Prescott 1989, p. 10) espouses the notion thatboundariesmayalsobeseen…the most prevalentexampleisthe present (yet deep-rooted) conflictbetweenIsraeli…
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26 Shape – Perforated State that completely surroundsanotheroneExample:SouthAfrica ◦Surrounds Lesotho ◦Completely dependent onSouthAfrica for imports and exports….65BoundaryOriginsRelict/relicBoundary:formerboundarythat no longer…
300 Sentences and phrases with the wordboundary›what-is/sentences…the…boundary.htmlCached page
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Arelictborderisaformerboundary, whichmayno longerbea legalboundaryat all. 3. However,theformerpresence of theboundarycan stillbeseen in the landscape.
Boundariesbetweenthe continents of Earth – Wikipedia›…Boundaries_between_the…of_EarthCached page
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Theboundariesbetweenthe continents of Eartharegenerally a matter of geographical convention. Several slightly different conventionsarein use.Read more
Seventeenth parallel | demarcation line,Vietnam›topic/seventeenth-parallelCached page
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…wasnot carried out, and the 17th parallel became the practical politicalboundarybetweenNorthandSouthVietnam….…on either side of the 17th parallel: a tough Communist regime under Ho Chi Minh in thenorth, an unstable republic in thesouth.
Why DoBoundaries›atschool/ap_misc/rubenstein_cultland…More from this site
The one goodexampleofaperforated stateisSouthAfrica, which completely surrounds the state of Lesotho….TheboundarybetweenLibya and Chadisa straight line, drawn by European countries early in the….Kuwait.FORMER. Past frontier. NEUTRAL.
The Pentagon Papers, Chapter 5, “Origins of the Insurgency in…›acad/intrel/pentagon/pent11.htmCached page
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It canbeestablished that therewasendemic insurgency inSouthVietnamthroughout the…For the regroupments toNorthVietnam, these unitswereaugmented with large…Anexampleoftheformeristhe “VietnamesePeoples’ Liberation Movement Forces,” a…
TheboundarybetweenEurope and Asiais… | Aeon Essays›essays/the-boundary-between…and-asia-is-a…Cached page
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Hewasretracing in reverse the crossing route ofanothercelebrated invader….The earliest Greek philosophers, forexample,werefrom Miletus, on the Anatolian coast some 50kmnorthof…The Dardanellesisnot a ‘natural’boundarybetweeneast and west…
Petition · RCT COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL and/or THE…›p…and…the…and-boundary…between…and…of…Cached page
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So, youmightask, whyisthis Petitionbeinglaunched and why should itbesupported? Well, the factisthat the present and “official” (ha! ha!) primaryboundarybetweenCwmparc and Treorchy, marked by a signpost, lies on the Cwmparc side ofanother…

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