As a consequence of Spanish colonization in the 16th century, this country is now predominantly Roman Catholic ?


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In16th-centuryChristianity, Protestantism came to the forefront and marked a significant changeintheChristian world. During the age of discovery theRomanCatholicChurch established a number of missionsintheAmericas and other colonies in ord…
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Price rises followed in othercountries, largely from the influxofSpanishbullion….During most of the rest ofthe16thcentury, Frenchcolonizationefforts were confined to…TheRomanCatholicChurch became firmly rooted in Canada, without the intellectual…
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Although FrenchCatholicsparticipatedintheexploration andcolonizationof the Mississippi valley, among the 13…Inthe19thcentury,RomanCatholicismexperienced a revival in China as European economic exploitation of thecountryincreased.
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TheRomanCatholicchurch had become one of the greatest supporters of feudal power in England and itself one of…Inthe16thcenturySpainand Portugal were the great colonial powers….Many plots were hatchedinthecountryin whichSpainwas deeply involved.
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Duringthe16thand 17thcenturies, they were places in which the temporal power of theSpanishmonarchy and the ecclesiastical predominance of theRomanCatholicreligion inSpainfound a common architectural manifestation.
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Inthe16thcenturytheSpanishforces conquered the Inca and Aztec empires, which…->Religion ..Another long term effect oncolonizedcountriescomes through religion….Now, however, the area which the Aztecs once occupied ispredominantlyCatholic.
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bythe16thcentury, the commercial revolution was well underway; asconsequence…a dependency relation system, that started inSpainduring theRomanEmpire, where the…It was later used during theSpanishcolonizationof the Americas and the Philippines.
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The Philippines is one of only twopredominantlyRomanCatholicnations in Asia (the…Startinginthe16thcenturySpanishexplorers and colonists arrivedinthePhilippines…Americancolonizationof thecountry, American jurisprudence reintroduced separation…
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England was the secondcountrytocolonizethe New World afterSpain….By the end ofthe16thcentury, England wielded little powerintheEuropean region. Proponents ofcolonizationargued thatcolonizationof New World would enable England to become…
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At the same time, however, there are strong parallels betweenSpanishhistory and the history of other Europeancountries…However, at the beginning of the 5thcenturyA.D. the map ofRomancolonisationbegan to change dramatically when a variety of…
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Today, most Chileans havepredominantlySpanish/Basque ancestry….Cuba is traditionally aCatholiccountry, theRomanCatholicreligion was brought to Cuba by…Beginningintheearly16thcentury,Spanishwas taken to the colonies of theSpanish…
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But similar to the Phoenician and theRomanempires, the phenomenon of expansion usually ended withcolonisationand not in colonial…If one looks back at the essential elementsinthethought of theSpanishworld empire sincethe16thcentury, it was…
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Topics:Spanishcolonizationof the Americas, Taíno, Caribbean Pages: 6 (2450 words) Published: May 9, 2011…….narrow limits of their homelands out to both the East and the West, a movement that beganinthefifteenthcentury, had momentousconsequences.
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WesternColonizationEssay – There were manycountriesthat had ever been…From16thcenturyto 20thcentury, British colonialist began the aggression and expanding….Thisled to small communitiesofSpanishruling large tribes of native Indians.
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Intheearly16thcentury, theSpanishbegan their conquest of the Americas….Today, Canada is still divided betweenpredominantlyFrench and English-speaking parts….Today, Christianity is the main religion of Latin America and theRomanCatholicChurch…

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These kingdoms traded with what arenowcalled China, India, Japan, Thailand, …Spanish colonizationbegan …
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From the16th century, Catholics were persecuted and even put to death in … in 27 years, and only the second …
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