All of the following are terms that connote the concept of a nation except

All of the following are terms that connote the concept of a nation except ?

(A)     linguistic

(B)      religious

(C)      ethnic

(D)     racial

(E)      political

answer : (E)      political

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ThetermNation, Nationality and Nationalismarebeingloosely used by writers and…”Exceptperhaps in StatesfollowingIslam which has one of its articles of faith, the…Itisall so intertwined into the verybeingoftherace that the twocannotbesevered without fatal…To return to our subject, the post-war states-men, though not speaking of Religion, Culture and Language as essential constituentsoftheNationconcept, have tacitly…
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(1) raises questions abouttheconceptofanation(ornationalidentity), whichisoften defined intermsof common origin, ethnicity, or cultural ties, and specifically about whether an individual’s membership inanationshouldberegarded as non-voluntary or voluntary.
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…exceptthat the useofthetermdisabilityisinaccurate, because itisconfounded…Inthefollowingparagraphs, the various dimensionsofthedisabilityconceptas it…an objective set of findings thatisequally applied and understood in all countries,cannotbesustained.
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This makes aconceptualcleaning-up unavoidable. I focus primarily on theterms‘ethnic group,’ ‘nation,’ and ‘nationalism,’ and I will makethefollowingpoints: 1) so-called ‘ethnic groups’arecollections of people with a common cultural identity…

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