african american militants of the late 1960s urged a quest for civil rights through


african american militants of the late 1960s urged a quest for civil rights through ?

A) nonviolent demonstration and resistance.
B) forceful demonstrations of “black power.” Eliminate
C) legal actions in the courts and legislatures.
D) economic boycotts to promote gradual equality.

answer : B) forceful demonstrations of “black power.” Eliminate

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AfricanAmericanmilitantsofthelate1960’surgedaquest…›Q…militants…1960…urged…quest…civil…Cached page
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AfricanAmericanmilitantsofthelate1960surgedaquestforcivilrightsthrough. forceful demonstrations of “black power.”
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During the1960s,militantblack nationalist and Marxist-orientedAfricanAmericanorganizations were created…“Black Power” became popular inthelate1960s. The slogan was first used by Carmichael in June 1966 during acivilrightsmarch in Mississippi.
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Maps ofAfricathroughthe centuries. TheAfricanUnion (AU)….”At alaterstage thecivilrightsmovement made a major impact on us….MilitantAfricanAmericansin the Black Power Movement applauded the uprising.
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TheCivilRightsmovementofthelate1950s and early1960swas led by Baptist minister Martin Luther King, Jr., who advocated nonviolentcivil…It forbade discrimination based on race, protected therightsofAfricanAmericansto vote, created the Equal Employment…
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BecomingAmerican: TheAfricanAmericanQuestforCivilRights, 1861-1976….AfricanAmericansmiraculously one day finally succeeded in getting ridoftheindignities of Jim Crow apartheidthroughthe useofthecourts and some timely direct action protest.
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In addition to agitatingforcivilrightsthroughtraditional legal means, the abolitionists took a…His leading opponent, black historian,militant, and author W. E. B. Du Bois, felt it was necessary to…ManyAfricanAmericansmistakenly perceived theCivilWar, which…
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